Hello all, welcome to this site, originally named "Freedom" and established last year (forgotten when). Kira have made this site a new layout and the old one will no longer be used. Hope you like this layout as well.

Although this site is considered as Kira's blog, it is dedicated to Gundam Seed Destiny summaries, which is on air right now in Japan. For those who are not fortunate enough to watch the series themselves, Kira will try to write the summaries as often as possible. Remember to come back and check us out =]

Since many of you have questions on the series and on the past Gundam Seed series, please feel free to post anything on the chatbox. I will try my best to answer them if I know the answer. Also, remember to send me some feedbacks on this site, about anything is okay =D

- Kira. 10 Aug 2005

Saturday, November 18, 2006
New Anime Blog


Hi, long time haven't shown myself. There isn't much to add for GSD in this blog, since poor Gundam Seed Stargazer only has 3 episodes, so I will just put the summary on Anime Genkai.

I am planning to start a new blog. Yes, a blog like this one, and not like my DNAngel site. I will be targeting D.Gray-man! Please visit the new blog at http://crossgrave.blogspot.com!

Thank you for all your long support and encouragement!
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Monday, September 11, 2006
D.N.Angel fansite!

Mood: Pissed by the broke down of my anit-virus T_T

News for anime fans! I am starting on my next project right now, not just a blog, but a general D.N.Angel site! It is currently under construction, but some characters info, gallery, wallpapers and graphics are up. Url is at http://dnangel.pandela.net. It's corresponding forum can be found at http://z9.invisionfree.com/whitefeather/. Please support my next project! Thank you very much =D
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Gundam Seed Stargazer

Mood: LOL Long time no write.

Gundam Seed Stargazer 01

Um... from many sources of mine, I get to know that there is a new Gundam Seed series, known as Gundam Seed Stargazer. However, I didn't pay much attention when I watch episode 1, so I could not write the summery here. Kira & co. have disappeared. The new main lead is some guy with white (or grey?) hair. The new MS is Strike Noir (looks like Strike?). Most of the time in this episode is war and description, story telling... I can say that this series is going to be boring T_T

The opening song in not known yet, but the ending theme is okay in my opinion. I will be keeping track on a few more episodes before I decide whether I will continue with the episode summaries on this new series =)

For more details please visit the official site: http://www.seed-stargazer.net/index.html
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Monday, May 15, 2006
Akatsuki Gundam

By someone's request, I am putting a brief paragraph on Akatsuki Gundam. (I tried my best to translate from Japanese, please inform me if there are mistakes. Thanks.)

"Akatsuki Gundam is the MS which Cagalli's father left for her, a real form of Orb's ideal. It has a body of gold and special contents. It has a thick wing for higher protection."
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Monday, January 23, 2006
Gundam Seed News

Mood: Sick...

Gundam Seed News

Good news to some Gundam Seed fans, but bad news to some others. It is confirmed (I think) that there will be a third series for Gundam Seed, and it is called Gundam Seed Astray (forgotten the subtitle, sorry). However, Kira & co. will not appear in this series, neither do Shinn & co., and the artist this time is someone who did the previous Gundam series, and not Fukada (or whatever you call him). Trailer is out for some fansub groups, but I am not sure which.

So, if you like Gundam Seed Astray (if you have read the manga, I guess it is similar in content), please continue to support the 3rd Gundam Seed series =]

(Reactions from fans: Why the heck is there so many unsure statements???? *Kira got thrown stuff at* Sorry for the "I think", "whatever"... because I read that last month and have forgotten most of the information)

PS. I will not be working on this new Seed series. I will update this blog if there are any other information regarding Gundam Seed or SDestiny. Meanwhile please support my next project - Black Cat.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Final Plus

Mood: Tired after lab...

Final Plus The Chosen Future

This is actually a lengthened version of episode 50. In order to have a world with no wars and where the coordinators rule over the naturals, the highest chairman of PLANT Gilbert Durandal carried out the Destiny Plan. He had this giant laser beam which was planned for destroy Orb. Kira & co. with Freedom, Justice, Akatsuki, Archangel and Eternal all set off to PLANT intending to destroy the beam. Rey and Shin came to stop them. They had a fight when Kira sensed something about Rey. Shin fought Athrun, who destroyed Impulse's leg because Lunamaria wanted to stop him. However, he couldn't stop himself from stabbing when Lunamaria shielded Athrun. Luckily Athrun was fast enough to use Seed and Shin was defeated. Rey told Kira that he is in fact Raww, whom Kira had defeated in the previous war. Kira said that one must treasure one's life, since there is only one, and it belongs to no one but oneself. Rey was shocked at his words. Athrun and Andrew destroyed the beam and Kira went into Gilbert's headquarters. As he was about to shoot Gilbert, Rey took a step faster and Gil was killed. Talia arrived to see Gilbert being shot on the spot. She hugged him tight and called Rey to go to their side. Rey discovered that Talia was his mother. Kira and Athrun escaped from PLANT and the war ended. Orb has peace maintained by later signing a peace treaty with the EA. Lacus was invited back to PLANT with the highest authority. Shin and Athrun visited the graves of all those who had died and gave them flowers. Kira arrived with Lacus and Shin was shocked when Athrun introduced Kira as the pilot of Freedom. Shin remembered his first encounter with Kira and Lacus, and he cried. Then, Athrun and Meyrin went, so as Kira and Lacus, leaving Shin and Lunamaria behind. Cagalli took back full charge of the control of Orb, and peace was with everyone once again.

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Monday, December 12, 2005
New Anime Blog!

Mood: Having a headache.

Hello all, since Gundam Seed Destiny has ended and I am waiting for the Special Release, if there is one, I have decided to work on a new anime. I have chosen Black Cat as my next project. Similar to this one, I will be putting up chapter summaries for it (hope there aren't as much episodes as in Naruto or Bleach T_T). If you are a Black Cat fan, or a Train fan, visit the new blog at http://www.train-heartnet.blogspot.com

It was such a pity that the domains blackcat and black-cat are taken, so I have no choice but to use Train's name. Hope you like that blog as well.

I don't think I will have much updates on this one till the special release, but I still come here often, so leave your comments in the tagbox =D

NOTICE: About the Kira site I put up last time, sorry that it is down at the moment. If you want the song Ima Kono Shunkan ga Subete, right-click this link and save it:
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mood: Betsuni. T_T


Long time haven't updated here, that's because I don't know what to update... GSD has ended but I got information from Stellar that there will be a special... next year T_T so I am actually waiting for it now.

Meanwhile I don't know what I write, anyone who wants GS and GSD songs can request them at Anime Genkai.

I have also got a new Kira fanpage up here. I have uploaded the only song sung by Kira - Ima Kono Shunkan ga Subete on the music page. There is only 500Mb bandwidth each month so if you want to download, be quick ;)
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Strike Freedom Gundam

Mood: Genki desho.

Strike Freedom Gundam

ATTENTION: Since I learnt Japanese by myself, I am just trying my best to translate the following paragraph. There may be some minor mistakes but this is what I think it is:

"Last MS manufactured during the chaotic situation. It has a newly developed engine and fire power of multiple times that of the Freedom Gundam. The wings at the back can be detached and controlled by remote for attacks. Large beam situated at the chest, and two powerful rifles at the sides. Pilot is Kira Yamato."
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Monday, October 03, 2005
Episode 50

Mood: Heck...

Episode 50 Saigo no Chikara (The Last Strength)

Kira fought Shin and Rey while Athrun took the chance to get to the laser beam. However, Rey, who was actually the clone of Raww, asked Shin to go after Athrun while he dealt with Kira. Kira convinced Rey that one's life belongs to oneself, not others, and Rey was defeated. Athrun met Lunamaria on the way who tried to stop him, and destroyed her MS' arms and legs. Shin came to the rescue, but he was no match for Athrun with Seed. Eternal & co. destroyed the laser just in time for its firing at Orb and Kira went to meet Durandal in his room. While Durandal and Kira were about to shoot each other, Durandal was shot by Rey with Talia's presence. He was shocked, but he smiled. Kira left Zaft's headquarters, leaving Talia, Rey and Durandal together. Rey recognized at last that Talia was his mother. The laser was blew up and everyone watched the red flames faded out to darkness.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Episode 49

Mood: Sad... no one joins the forum...

Episode 49 Rey

Archangel & co. reached space attempting to destroy the laser beam where they were welcomed by Zaft forces. Kira and Athrun launched and flew at a high speed while Archangel and Eternal took care of Zaft's zakus. Durandal called Rey and Shin and asked them to fight for the new world. Archangel was met by Minerva not long after and just as Minerva had its beam shot towards Archangel, Neo, who was in Akatsuki, helped them blocked the blow as Mwu did in the previous war. He then remembered his past and how he became Neo. Lunamaria was also launched but she was not able to shoot Eternal because Meyrin called her from inside. Shin was launched against Athrun while Rey fought Kira.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005
Episode 48

Mood: Seed mode (for school)...

Episode 48 Towards the New World

Durandal introduced his new world to the whole world through mass media. It was a world in which everyone would be given their positions according to their genetic abilities. Shin was not really into this system after watching the broadcast, but Rey insisted that the chairman and the new world were what they were all hoping for. During their talk, Lunamaria came to find Shin, but she was rejected by Rey immediately saying that they were talking about some important matters. Orb and Altoche (own translation) were the only countries which opposed to this plan. Durandal ordered Zaft to fire the laser which they got from Logos at Altoche. Everyone were shocked. "Be destroyed if you do not obey, the only way to stop this is to have war". Kira and Athrun decided to fight Durandal although they didn't want to.

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Friday, September 23, 2005
Episode 47

Mood: Heck...

Episode 47 Meer

Meer died from protecting Lacus and was carried on board Archangel for the funeral. Lacus found Meer's dairy in her handbag with which Meer described how she became Lacus and acted as her imitation. Meer was happy that she could finally be the same as Lacus, whom she was a big fan of. On the other hand, Durandal introduced his Destiny Plan to the world, a new world where there would be no war because everyone would know about themselves and their future. Everyone was shocked in hearing this, but Gilbert insisted that war would never end unless a world like this was accomplished.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Episode 46

Mood: T.T

Episode 46 The Song of Truth

Lunamaria was still not completely recovered from the news that Meyrin and Athrun were dead, and Shin was there to encourage her. Athrun told Kira about Shin, Minerva and the Destiny Gundam. Before they launch, Archangel & co. decided to go shopping in a small town nearby. There, they received a letter from Meer saying that someone was going to kill her. Kira, Athrun, Lacus and Meyrin arrived at the location and found Meer alone. Athrun knew that this was a trap and he convinced Meer to come with them. Meer insisted that she was the real Lacus, and Lacus said it is okay for her to have her name and appearance if she liked. Zaft's secret agent Sara shot at Lacus, but missed and a gun fight began. Sara wasn't dead, and when Kira was asking Meer to go with them, she shot at Lacus, and Meer helped her block the shot. Meer died in the incident and told Lacus never to forget her song.

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Monday, September 19, 2005
Episode 45

Mood: This is delicious XD *having lunch*

Episode 45 The Opening of Revolution

Minerva arrived in space after receiving the command to destroy the laser beam on the moon. Shin, Rey and Lunamaria were all launched to attack the system on different sides. Jibril was surprised at the sudden appearance of more fleets from Zaft and he decided to fire the beam again, which, at that time was not fully recharged. Jibril escaped in another shuttle but Rey caught his course and shot it down. The mission was completed and Durandal smiled to himself in his room. Archangel and co. launched for space, but Cagalli couldn't go with them.

posted by Kira Yamato | 12:27 PM | 3 comments

Sunday, September 18, 2005
Episode 44

Mood: *sigh...*

Episode 44 Two Lacus

The appearance of the real Lacus in Orb created many confusuions on Earth and in Plant. Durandal and Meer was far too surprised at this, and so Durandal ordered Meer to hide for a while first till the matter was settled down. On the other hand, Jibril landed on the moon and fired a lazer beam at Plant, which was supposed to aim at Durandal's place, but missed because of miscalculations. Yzak and Dearka was also sent to defeat some unknown MS gathering around the moon and saw the attack. Plant was in chaos, and Minerva was ordered back to space. Archangel and co. decided to stop Durandal from creating a world of perfect co-ordinators, a world where everyone's future would be decided by their genes. Neo, Meyrin, Lacus, Cagalli and Ramius all agreed to help Kira & Athrun.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005
Episode 43

Mood: ......

Episode 43 The Sound of Retaliation

Archangel was putting up a hard fight with Minerva, but just as Minerva was greatly forcing Archangel back, a Sky Grasper came into rescue. Athrun launched and helped Kira, who was being attacked by both Shin and Rey. Athrun tried to convince Shin about fighting for the things he really wanted, but Shin went berserk and couldn't listen. However he was not as skilful as Athrun and he lost. Yuna was killed during his attempt to run away from the soldiers and Jibril fled by a shuttle. Lunamaria was launched, trying to stop Jibril but he escaped. Cagalli made a speech after the war, but was interrupted by Meer's broadcast. Lacus decided that it was time to stop staying silent and her appearance beside Cagalli shocked the whole world.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Episode 42

Mood: T_T...

Episode 42 Freedom and Justice

Akatsuki put up a hard fight with Destiny, but Shin's skill was better than Cagalli. Akatsuki's arms were damaged, and Shin was about to give the final blow, when he was suddenly distracted by some fast moving MS approaching him. To his great surprise, Strike Freedom appeared in front of him and blocked his blow. Together with Strike Freedom was another MS which Lacus was inside and was landed into Archangel. Rey called for the return of Shin after noticing that Kira was too strong for him. He said in order to defeat Kira, Shin must have his supports reloaded. Lacus went on board Archangel and showed Athrun his new unit, the Infinite Justice. Athrun, despite his wounds, decided to launch.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Episode 41

Mood: Super sleepy @_@

Episode 41 Refrain

Basically, this is another recap episode again. This time Athrun is the narrator and he described the story from Gundam Seed to Seed Destiny. He remembered how he was assigned on his first mission and met Kira on the fight. He had wanted to know very much why he had to fight Kira over and over again. It seemed that Kira's views weren't the same as his, and he didn't know why. He thought they both had the same objective. He also recalled the time he met Shin, the missions he had gone through with him, and Heine's joining till he died...

posted by Kira Yamato | 10:43 PM | 1 comments

Monday, September 12, 2005
Episode 40

Mood: Tired & Sleepy

Episode 40 The Golden Will

Shin had a nightmare about the past war, and became unsire of himself. Jibril was found to be hiding in Orb so Durandal sent out Minerva to capture him, alive or dead. Receiving this news, Cagalli decided to launch the Sky Grasper with some of Orb's units, but she was given a new unit instead. The new gundam, Akatsuki, was a present from her father when she would be in need of power. Cagalli flew back to Orb and took control of the Orb forces. Just at this moment Minerva arrived and Shin launched.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Episode 39

Mood: ._.

Episode 39 Kira in the Sky

All members of Logos, except Jibril, were caught because Jibril abandoned them. Archangel were doing it repairs when they received information on the Eternal being launched as they were discovered by Zaft forces. Since Lacus was in danger, Kira launched the Strike and went up to space. Andrew used Gaia against the Golfs and Zakus but since there were many he wasn't able to hit them all. Kira met Lacus again in the Eternal and got his new unit, the Strike Freedom Gundam. Using his new unit, Kira disabled all enemies in a flash, leaving them all stunned in amazement.

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